My Workout Essentials


Here’s what I need for a good workout.


Good music makes all the difference. If my iPod isn’t charged I have to reschedule my workout time. Sometimes a good song comes on just when you feel like giving up and you find the energy from somewhere to keep going! Here’s my random selection of songs I like to play when working out.

Top five workout songs:

  1. Jackson 5 – Can you feel it?
  2. Rocky Soundtrack – Gonna Fly Now
  3. Rocky Soundtrack – Eye of the Tiger
  4. En Vogue –  Hold on
  5. Jackson 5 – Dancing Machine

Favourite piece of gym equipment

I’m not a big fan of the gym because I hate the treadmill. Personally, I find it extremely mundane and I don’t particularly like doing weights either as I’m scared of bulking up. Although light weights are fine and don’t really cause you to bulk up I prefer to do resistance training with my own body weight (push ups, squats, sit ups ). This is something I can do at home.  However, the only reason I visit the gym is to use my favourite piece of gym equipment, the Cross/Elliptical Trainer.

When I first tried this machine I was hooked. It provides a simulated running experience without the high impact. It is sort of like running through the air.  It works the same leg muscles that cycling does. However, because you are also rotating your arms on the machine and using your core to remain balanced, it works the whole body.  When I used to go jogging I would get a recurring pain in my left knee. This was due to the fact that jogging is a high impact exercise that puts pressure on the joints . However with the Cross/Elliptical, there is hardly any pressure on your joints and back so there is less chance of injury.  Nevertheless, it still provides the benefits of high impact exercise such as strengthening your bones.

To be frank this machine is pretty easy to work on. You really do feel like you are getting a good work out and it causes you to sweat! However it doesn’t feel as tiring as jogging does. This is due to the fact that is low impact and puts less strain on the body. This is why you could probably work out for longer on this machine and burn more calories.  When I use it I stay on it for 45 minutes. I usually have it at level 10 and have it on the random setting. This gives me a varied workout with various peaks and troughs. I usually burn 450 calories, not bad! I would certainly recommend trying this machine.

Favourite workout DVD

I first ordered Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD when I was really looking for something other than the gym or jogging outside. If you stick to the same thing you become bored with exercising.  The good thing about using workout DVDs is that there are always new ones to try.  Tae Bo is fun and challenging at the same time. Billy really knows how to motivate and encourage you. You find each DVD gets easier as you do them regularly, then its time to move on to a new one. In saying that the DVD that involve a lot of floor work (abs, back, leg etc) are extremely challenging and I haven’t quite mastered those ones yet. I prefer jumping around as opposed to lying on the floor working on your 100th sit up! That was probably a slight exaggeration but that’s what it feels like.

What are your work out essentials? Share in the comments below.



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