Deep conditioning with Carrot Oil


Since moving to America I have been unable to purchase this product. Sally’s use  to stock it apparently. Typical that they should stop when I move here and there is one down the road from me. Next time I go to the UK I will bring back at least ten bottles! I will be purchasing it from Amazon though while I’m here. In the UK it is so cheap to purchase (usually under £2 at Paks ) but it’s price is not a true reflection of how beneficial it is for your hair.  It can also be used on your skin! I find most natural products can be used for both your hair and skin.  I use it to condition my hair after shampooing. It can be heated up in a cup of hot water or you can apply it to your hair cold and sit under a heated cap. I prefer using a heated cap. I section my hair into four and apply it evenly, making sure that the ends are coated well.  You can mix it with your usual conditioner or use it by itself.  Once my hair is saturated in it I cover my head with a plastic cap and sit under my heated cap for 25-30 minutes.  Then I simply rinse my hair.

Some people may prefer to use it before washing as a ‘pre-poo’ conditioning process. This depends on your preference as some may find that it makes their hair too greasy. My hair soaks up moisture like a sponge so I prefer a simple rinse to keep most of it in my hair. If your hair is feeling dry you could just apply it as a moisturiser as well. The benefits I have noticed from using this are: less shedding, reduced number of split ends, it adds shine and moisturises my hair and scalp really well! So I would highly recommend this product. I haven’t tried any other brands but I guess if it’s 100% natural, carrot oil is pretty much the same anywhere. Does anyone else use this or is there another oil you use? Perhaps you use olive oil or coconut oil. If you try this let us know how it worked for you and if you know any stores that sell it in the States please let me know! It’s a shame Walmart doesn’t sell it.

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  1. Oh ok, I’ve never used the carrot oil of the Hollywood brand but the tea tree one I used had mineral oil so I thought they all would.

    I sure did peep the new post!


  2. Yes you’re right I try to avoid anything with mineral oil, Petroleum and Silicones as well. I stopped using Doctor Miracle products because of that. As far as I’m aware this particular product doesn’t have those ingredients (the ingredients are on amazon). It’s a shame, cos most popular afro hair products seem to have such ingredients. I heard Whole Food stores here are likely to have 100% natural products so I will be checking it out. GNC;s website looks really good as well. Thanks!


  3. If you go to an Asian or black beauty supply store, they should have it, you know, the ones that sell hair. However, I would suggest you try to get an 100% carrot oil or any carrier/essential oil. the problem i have with this hollywood brand is that often time they are mixed in with petroleum or mineral which cause build up. since i started using the pure oils, i have noticed c change in the moisture of my hair. I dont know if you’re on a no-mineral oil regimen but they are worth a try. You can find the pure ones at a GNC or a vitamin store. Also online.


  4. I’m in Arkansas, I’ll have to check out Little Rock but other than that I think I will have to stock up when I go back to London lol. Thanks for commenting. You can’t really go wrong with natural oils but like you said it’s good to experiment.


  5. I also have started prepooing with a mix of oils (Africa’s Best). It’s orange as well but contains sweet almond oil, jojoba, soy bean, teatree and carrot. I’m locked now so I’m still figuring out what it is my hair likes but it loves pre-pooing and lots of oil.


  6. I used to find this easily in stores like CC’s beauty or Angie’s. The smaller chain beauty supply stores. Walmart carried it as well. I lived in Atlanta so that may have had something to do with it. In my experiance Sally’s is a hit or miss as far “black” hair care products.


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