A convenient protective style


Protective styles are great for retaining length and very convenient since you don’t have to do anything to your hair once it is styled, other than moisturise it. This style is very easy to do and to moisturise you can keep it pinned up and simply spray our hair with water or you can let the twists down and use water and an oil of your choice (I use coconut oil) to moisturise the twists individually, then just pin it back up.

What you will need for this style:

>Bobby pins

>Hair pins

>A moisturiser of your choice (I use Shea butter and Coconut oil)

  • Create a side parting (quite far to the side)
  • Comb the other half sideways so  some of your hair falls over the side of your face

    After doing two flat twists on the side and two-strand twists with the rest of the hair

  • Make two flat twists on the side that has less hair
  • Then do medium-sized two-strand twists on the rest of the hair
  • Pin the twists together tucking in the ends  from the sides to the back
  • Use Bobby pins and Hair pins to secure as desired.

Give it a try and post questions below. If you are going out and you want to jazz up the style,  you can do a twist out but leave the flat twists on the side.  When I do this I will post some pictures.

You can also add a flower clip.

Tucking in and pinning down the ends

The back


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